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Foreign Language Dept




SPANISH  I   (9, 10, 11, 12)   2 Credits, 2 Semesters                              Core 40, AHD, THD

This course offers basic grammatical structure, a working vocabulary, pronunciation practice, oral comprehension and expression. Reading and writing are included, basic sentences and conversations, all using present and past tense verbs. Students discuss Spanish influence in the United States as well as learn about Hispanic lifestyles. Cultural differences and similarities are also discussed. Assessment is based on writing, speaking and reading the language.

Pre-requisite: C- or higher in English

SPANISH II   (10, 11, 12)   2 Credits, 2 Semesters                                   Core 40, AHD, THD

This course extends the goals and methods of Spanish I with more vocabulary building, reading, writing, listening, and conversation. Additional verb forms with emphasis on the past and progressive tenses along with more grammar work provide the basis for students to communicate in Spanish. The study of the Hispanic populations and countries continue from Spanish I. An adventure story may be read to strengthen reading comprehension and broaden the student's knowledge of Spain. Assessment is based on writing, speaking and reading the language.  Pre-requisite: Must have a C- or higher in Spanish I      

SPANISH  III   (11, 12)   2 Credits, 2 Semesters                                       Core 40, AHD, THD

After a comprehensive grammar review with expanded vocabulary, additional verb tenses are learned. By second semester, Spanish is the main language used in the classroom. Reading, writing, and speaking Spanish are all emphasized. The study of Hispanic customs is continued. Assessment is based on writing, speaking and reading the language. Note: Indiana University summer honors program offered in Spain.  Pre-requisite: Must have a C- or higher in Spanish II                    

SPANISH  IV   (12)   2 Credits, 2 Semesters                                                Core 40, AHD, THD

This course helps students to strengthen their command of spoken and written Spanish. Emphasis is on the development of oral proficiency, and the mastery of grammar and vocabulary. Students write in a journal once a week to improve written proficiency. Spain and Mexico are researched along with other topics and short literary works are read. The entire class is conducted in Spanish by the students and the teacher. Assessment is both spoken and written. In foreign language classes, video tapes are used at all levels to increase the students' knowledge of the countries and culture of the target language. The use of a computer in the classroom is available for tutorial or remedial work. Cultural field trips may be taken throughout the year.

Pre-requisite: Must have a C- or higher in Spanish III