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Vocational Dept


For   11th &  12th  grade students


Auto Technology I & II

If you enjoy having a talent that few people have and want to know how cars and light duty trucks work, then sign up for this hands-on program. This program will give you the opportunity to work on vehicles and give you a basic understanding of the new technologies and principles necessary to perform repairs on your own vehicle or to prepare for a career in the auto industry. Area businesses are eager to hire bright young people for employment and for apprenticeship programs. Many students have won scholarships for higher education as a result of participating in this program. You should have strong communication and computer skills and be task oriented to be successful in this program. Multiple dual college credits are available through Ivy Tech. 

CISCO Networking Academy

The Cisco Networking Academy is an "applications" based class that covers many types of practical networks you may encounter, from simple home or small office networks to more complex enterprise models.  You will learn the technical skills and soft skills needed to succeed in entry-level networking professions such as a network installer, help desk technician, presales support technician, or network technician.  CCNA Discovery also provides an introduction to advanced technologies such as voice, video, wireless, and security


If you're interested in Architecture, Mechanical Design or Animation, then this 1 or 2 year program will help prepare you for a future career.  Whether your interest is designing a concept car, creating a video game, or constructing a dream home, CAD designers are needed.  Student will make detailed drawings, part models and animations to show exact dimensions and specifications of a project.  While using state of the art software for these designs, students will earn college credit. Whether your desire is to work immediately after high school, or work while you're in college, this program will help you accomplish this goal.

Construction Technology I & II

Do you like to work with your hands? Do you like to work outdoors? Would you like to join a construction crew with your classmates and actually build a house or commercial structure?  Then sign up for this program!  You will be given the opportunity to prepare for employment and learn the attitudes and behavior necessary to get a job in this field.  If you're interested in gaining pre-apprenticeship training in carpentry,  electrical,  heating,  air conditioning,  painting, dry walling,  plumbing,  and masonry trades,  sign up today.

Cosmetology I & II (Juniors Only) - Don Roberts - 1500 hours

As a service professional, you will be shampooing, cutting, styling, straightening, perming, and coloring hair; giving manicures; providing scalp and facial treatments; and furnishing makeup analysis.  At the end of this program, you will be eligible to take the Indiana State Board Examination.  Don Roberts Beauty School requires students to pass End-of-Course Assessments or to achieve a GED before any student will be recommended for the Indiana Cosmetology license examination.  You must begin this program in July after completing your sophomore year and you must be able to attend the entire months of July and August without interruptions.  July and August will be considered a probationary period for students entering this program.

Culinary Sciences

Are you interested in a career in the food service and hospitality industry?  You could be one of the 1.5 million people expected to be hired in the next 10 years.  Taking this course could lead to certification and a $5,000 scholarship to the culinary school of your choice.  This two-year program offers you the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills through classroom experiences.  Emphasis is placed on developing workplace readiness skills in food preparation, safety and sanitation, management, financial planning of food costs, teamwork, creativity, communication, responsibility, and self-confidence.  Classroom experiences are expected to include food preparation, demonstrations, guest speakers, videos, projects, textbook reading, study guides, tests, and field trips.  The program is also valuable for one year of participation.

Dental Health

You'll have a lot to smile about when you begin a dental internship as a high school student and earn high school credit at the same time. You'll have the opportunity to work side by side with a dentist or in a dental laboratory and learn many skills that will give you a head start to a successful career. If you are interested in learning more about dentistry,  oral anatomy,  x-rays, dental instruments,  and lab procedures, then sign up today for this program. A dual credit is now available.

Diesel Mechanics I & II

Diesel technology has changed a lot in recent years. Diesel technicians today need formal training in the latest diagnostic equipment and must possess good reading and math skills in order to follow detailed service manuals and work with computer based software. Skilled diesel technicians are in demand today. So, if you are interested in working on diesel fueled trucks and large heavy equipment, then sign up for this program today.  This program is ASE/NATEF certified.

Early Childhood Ed. & Service I & II

If you are considering a career in education, this program is an excellent place to start.  You will experience direct interaction with children and be supervised under a licensed teacher.  You will learn teaching techniques by preparing and supervising planned activities that will enhance young children's physical, emotional, social and intellectual development.

This program is offered in three different locations. SELF School offers experiences with pre-school students or students with disabilities. South Haven Elementary offers experiences in an elementary school and at their nearby Head Start preschool/day care program.  At Hobart High School, experiences will be available in their stat of the art pre-kindergarten class.

By enrolling in the program for two years, you may earn the required clock hours needed to qualify for the National Child Development Associate (CDA) credential.  You will earn dual credit with local colleges upon completion of each year. 

Electronics I & II - Career Center

Your future is bright if you wish to enter this field as a career. Employment opportunities are expected to increase faster than the average rate for all occupations due to an increased demand for computers, communications equipment, military electronics, and electronic consumer goods. If you choose this "hands-on" program, you'll have the opportunity to work on amplifiers, computers, fiber optics, robotics, home and car audio, security alarm systems and much more.  

Emergency Medical Services

You will learn how to take care of critically ill and injured patients through lecture, lab, and clinical experiences, and develop strong communication and leadership skills that will last a lifetime. This challenging course is taught in a relaxed college atmosphere and requires extensive hands-on training. Topics will include fire department operations, arson investigation, vehicle extrication, injury prevention and rescue. You should possess personal characteristics such as honesty, good judgment, respect for human dignity and a strong sense of ethics. This program is a nationally accredited EMT program.

Seniors who obtain their EMT certification from the program can transition into a paramedic program after graduation and pursue an Associate's Degree from Ivy Tech in Paramedic Science.  After completing the Paramedic Science degree, a bridge program is an option for students who want to pursue a nursing degree at Ivy Tech.

Entrepreneurship / Sports & Entertainment Marketing

If you are a team player and don't want to be a spectator in life, participate in your business career now. You will learn how to develop sporting event promotions like the professionals do, open and operate a local business and earn credits in three different courses. You earn economics credit, business ownership credit, sports and entertainment marketing credit as well as six college credits. So if you are a "people person", experience the excitement of owning, operating, and managing your own business while still in high school!

Graphic Imaging Technology

In years to come, opportunities for a career in this field will be great due to the advancement of technologies and anticipated growth in advertising, public relations, and print communications. You'll be able to see your name in print by signing up for this program. Learn how the industry functions and follow an idea through the creative stages, layout, and production by using the offset printing process.

If you sign up for this program, you will be prepared for an entry-level position in the graphic communications industry.

Health Careers ( Health Science Education I )

Can you stay calm during an emergency situation? Can you control your emotions in the event of an accident? Would you be able to help a stray dog needing assistance? Could you imagine working in a dental office? If the answer to any of these questions describes you, then you might be the perfect student in Health Science Education Class.

This class will focus on health career options including nursing, dental, radiography, phlebotomy, emergency medical technician, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, among many other opportunities.  You will learn about medical procedures in a hands-on environment.  You will earn two credits in  anatomy and physiology. This class prepares you for the world of work, post-secondary training, or for additional advanced career and technical education courses such as Health Science Education II or Dental careers.  Upon successful completion of this class, you will earn three to six credits from Ivy Tech Community College.

Health Science Education II

If you're looking for the opportunity to succeed and have dreams of helping others, then focus on this career. Growth patterns for employment in this field are projected to increase in demand.  This program will equip you with a working knowledge of different occupations within the medical field. You'll learn the skills and procedures necessary to function in such health agencies as hospitals, nursing homes, or doctors' offices. You can also use this education as a stepping stone to pursue further education in the medical field. And, if you qualify, you'll even receive a State Nurse Aide Certificate and /or dual college credit.

Medical Terminology/Anatomy/Physiology

Have you ever thought of yourself at work wearing a stethoscope around your neck? Do you know the difference between a nurse practitioner and a registered nurse? Would you like to earn college credit while in high school? Do you like a "hands-on" approach to learning? This is your class!  Lessons will be taught by lecture and discussion, anatomy dissection labs, medical competency labs, clinical rotations, and job shadowing. You will master medical terminology while studying the normal structure and function of the human body as compared to the disease process of the human body.  You can earn anatomy and physiology credit along with elective credit!  The instructor and professional health care staff work together to teach lessons that complement one another and provide many "hands-on" opportunities.  You also have an opportunity to earn dual credit.  This course requires that all students, participating in clinical experiences at hospitals and community clinics, must submit records verifying current immunizations in HBV and submit a current TB test.

Horticulture  Science 

If you like working with plants and designing landscapes, then this is the career and technical program for you.  An onsite greenhouse will give you hands on experience in the areas of plant production, installation, marketing, and management of landscape plants and products.  You will also learn how to use Pro Landscape, the latest CAD software program to create landscape designs. You will enjoy extended field trips several times a month to explore all career areas and apply newly learned skills in landscape design and plant science. Students can receive Core 40 and Academic Honors Diploma Science credit for plant science in this program.  Students enrolled in this course are also eligible for dual credit through Vincennes University.

Industrial Mechanics

Sign up for Industrial Mechanics if you are interested in a welding or manufacturing career. First-year students will learn printing, turning, milling, and grinding. They will then focus on basic welding processes, which include oxyacetylene, stick welding, wire welding, and TIG welding, plus operation of plasma arc machines. The industrial mechanic is the key problem solver in the workplace. Industrial mechanics install machinery, use precision measuring devices, and operate complex tools in a variety of manufacturing environments. Students can earn up to 12 credits in Industrial Technology at Ivy Tech. Futhermore, students can earn up to 4 NIMS (National Institute for Metalworking Skills)  certifications if they pass hands-on and written exams. Second-year students will cover the basic competencies necessary to become employed in industry. Competencies include hydraulics, burning, print reading, power transmission, lubrication, pumps, piping, rigging, shop equipment, and mechanical maintenance. The first semester will consist of classroom and lab instruction at Portage High in the defined competencies. The second year includes an internship (for approved students) in an area manufacturing facility. Sign up for this class because it will give you a "jumpstart" in your welding or manufacturing career.

Law Enforcement Careers Academy

If you are interested in pursuing a career in law, law enforcement, probation, parole, corrections, or a security profession, join the rank and file of the law enforcement careers academy today. There are two different classes you can sign up for either as a junior or senior. The Criminal Justice System class surveys the legal system and the various careers available. You will discuss and be exposed to the process from a suspect being questioned to the convicted being placed in prison.

You will discuss and analyze the motivation for committing crime. In the Criminal Investigations class, you will study evidence collection, interview techniques, and proper documentation. You will discuss various types of offenses and how they are investigated. Each class invites numerous guest speakers and takes several field trips. In order to enroll, you should possess personal characteristics such as honesty, good judgment, integrity and a sense of responsibility. You are eligible to earn six college credits for the successful completion of each class.

Precision Machining 

If you have an interest in a manufacturing career, you should check out the Precision Machining Technology class.  You will learn the basic machining techniques, CNC machining, computer aided machining (CAM), quality control processes, and basic mechanics.  At the completion of the program, you will be prepared for a career in machining or a step ahead at any engineering major at college.  Local companies are constantly asking us for qualified students from this program to start working right away.  You can earn articulated or dual credit in college by participating in this program. Sign up today.

Fundamentals of Sports Medicine

Sign you for Fundamentals of Sports Medicine if you'd like a hands-on class that will teach you techniques to help others prevent and treat sports injuries.  You might find yourself going on to an athletic trainer, physical therapist or other health care professional by earning the appropriate college degree(s).  Students in the class learn about anatomy, first aid, CPR, vital signs, and the prevention and treatments of sprains, strains and other ailments.  They get an opportunity to work side-by-side with a certified athletic trainer and get a chance to decide if this is the field for them.  The field is expected to grow much faster than average through at least 2018.

Video Production and Media Studies

Do you want to know how to produce a TV show, be a news reporter, or shoot and edit your own films? Would you like to be on the cutting edge in the communications field? If these are career paths that are appealing to you, then consider signing up for this program. Video Production and Media Studies will provide instruction in various communication, media, production, and technical functions and task performed by employees, including management personnel, in broadcasting and communications occupations.  Emphasis will be placed on career opportunities, production, programming, announcing, equipment operation, news and sports casting, broadcasting regulations and laws, technical, oral/written communication, and listening skills. Video Production and Media Studies students will learn the five components of television: camera operations, audio, lighting, writing, and editing. Students will have the opportunity to learn editing, and lighting.  You will train on professional equipment, creating a variety of video projects, including music videos, commercials, and short films.  Students should have a strong interest in fine arts, speech, production, journalism, and electronics.  

Welding I & II - Ivy Tech

A trained welder has many opportunities in Northwest Indiana for a rewarding career in industry, construction, small job shops, or self-employment. You'll learn how to join metal parts by using a heating process during the course of this program. The experienced welder makes excellent wages, but must be willing to work under conditions that often require strenuous physical activity. Just remember, at the completion of this program, you'll be ready for employment.