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Porter County Career and Technical Education

In addition to the traditional classroom, Boone Grove is pleased to provide the opportunity for students to participate in Career and Technical Education (Vocational).  CTE provides students with hands-on skills in "in-demand" career fields and gives them an exciting place to explore their future career paths.  Participation in CTE helps students meet the necessary requirements for both the Indiana Core 40 and Technical Honors diplomas.  

Understandably parents and guardians often have questions and misconceptions about their student's participation in CTE.  Here are some common myths regarding CTE and facts to clarify:

Myth: CTE is only for students that aren't "cutting it" in the classroom.

Fact:  In this day in age, students all across the academic achievement spectrum are participating in CTE to learn the skills necessary for variety of careers, including Dentistry, Carpentry, Emergency Medical Services, Health Care, Computer Technical Support, and Engineering.  Many high-achieving students are particpating in CTE to get a "jump start" to their eventual college majors.  

Myth:  My student cannot earn an Academic Honors Diploma if they attend CTE.

Fact:  While challenging, students can often earn BOTH the Academic AND Technical Honors Diplomas if they are willing to take outside required courses online and/or in summer school.  Students and parents are encouraged to talk with their school counselor to determine how requirements can be met. 

Myth:  CTE can "replace" classroom credits my student is deficient in.

Fact:  All Indiana students must meet Core 40 diploma requirements to both graduate and participate in CTE. Students in a credit-deficient situation are encouraged to meet with their school counselor to create a plan to participate in CTE.

Myth:  CTE is a "waste of time" for students wanting to attend a 4-year college.

Fact:  Again, students can earn one or both of Indiana's Honors Diplomas by participating in CTE.  In addition, most programs at the Porter County Career and Technical Education Center offer college dual-credit opportunities.  

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