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Postsecondary Planning


The world of college admissions can be very confusing and complicated.  We believe at BGHS that early, proactive work to understand this world better will benefit your student greatly.  Here are some tips and resources to support you:

1.  Encourage your student to request a meeting with their school counselor as early as freshman year to begin to plan a course of study and explore possible majors, colleges, and careers.  Know that students will also receive support in their Preparation for College and Careers course and from their counselor though classroom visits, presentations, and in reviewing their 4-year plan annually.  

2.  Encourage your student to work to meet the requirements of the Indiana Academic Honors diploma, Technical Honors diploma, or both if they are seeking admission into a 4-year college.  Many of Indiana's colleges seek one of these as their minimum admissions requirement.  If they are on a Core 40 track, encourage them to maintain high grades in those courses and still take as many courses as possible that reflect the Honors diplomas.  For specific course questions, see your school counselor.  

3.  Visit college campuses informally early in high school and formally in talking with an admissions counselor beginning in junior year, so you know what schools you are interested in are looking for, and more importantly, if they are the right fit for you.  

Other resources: 

The NACAC (National Association of College Admissions Counseling) Guide to the College Admissions Process

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Indiana Career Explorer (free resource to explore interests, majors, careers, and schools)

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Video from Mrs. Johnson- "College Admissions- Getting Ready for Senior Year" (27 minutes)



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