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Multi-Disciplinary Course Offerings


PEER TUTORING (9, 10, 11, 12)     2 Credits, 2 Semesters

This course is taught by a team consisting of a Special Education teachers and paraprofessionals. The goal of the peer tutor program is to facilitate the social and academic integration of students with disabilities into the school community at Boone Grove High School. Through this program, peer tutors serve as role models. High school students instruct their peers with disabilities on an individual basis in basic functional curriculum areas and accompany students to their general education classes, help students develop positive relationships, and gain knowledge and training in the field of special education.

Pre-requisite: Written application and instructor approval is required with 2 teacher recommendations. Note: Community outings and field trips are required in this class as well as participating in extra-curricular activities in and out of school totaling 8 hours per semester. 

PROJECT CARE   (10, 11, 12 )    No Credit, 1 or 2 Semester

Students are expected to plan and implement activities/projects to assist in maintaining our Senior Citizens center. Students must be self-motivated, as much of their time is spent working independently.  This is a service learning class that helps form relationships through activities that help Senior Citizens reconnect with the community. This class is a plus to use on a resume! This is a fun filled class where you can communicate with others and get away from the average high school day. This class is filled with excitement and a wonderful opportunity to form a family with the people around you and that will create a bond with others like never before. You can make amazing memories with wonderful people that goes beyond the Boone Grove High School walls.

CADET TEACHING EXPERIENCE   (11, 12)   4 Credits, 2 Semesters     Elective for Core 40, AHD, THD

This elective course provides students in grades eleven (11) or twelve (12) organized exploratory teaching experiences in grades kindergarten (K) through grade nine (9). All teaching experiences should be preplanned by the high school Cadet Teaching Experience teacher-trainer and the cooperating teacher(s) who are supervising prospective teachers and providing them with pre-training experiences in one or more classes. This course provides a balance of class work relating to: (1) classroom organization, (2) classroom management, (3) the curriculum and instructional process, (4) observations of teaching, and (5) instructional experiences.

Study topics and background reading provide the cadets with information concerning the teaching profession and the nature of the cadet teachers' assignments. Evaluation is based upon the cadet teachers' cooperation, day-to-day practical performance, and class work including the cadets' potential ability to teach. The total workload of the Cadet Teaching course is comparable to those for other subjects in the high school curriculum.

BASIC SKILLS DEVELOPMENT   (9, 10, 11, 12)        1 Credit per semester     Elective for all diplomas

Basic Skills Development is a multidisciplinary course that provides students continuing opportunities to develop basic skills including: (1) reading, (2) writing, (3) listening, (4) speaking, (5) mathematical computation, (6) note taking, (7) study organizational skills, and (8) problem-solving skills, which are essential for high school course work achievement. Determination of the skills to be emphasized in this course is based on Indiana's standards, individual school corporation general curriculum plans, and the student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) or other individualized plans. Skills selected for developmental work provide students with the ability to continue to learn in a range of different life situations.  May earn up to 8 credits.