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Our staff is dedicated ensure that the student is the center focus of our administration and curriculum. We integrate the latest technology to ensure that they develop the skills necessary to succeed in a modern society. Our course offerings and electives allow each student to explore and delve deep into their own interests and prepare for post-secondary planning. We strive to provide opportunities for students to grow in any path they chose. We stand ready to assist in any way we can because at Boone Grove High School it’s “every student, every day”

PTSC Updates

PTSC Update: Annual Required Notification HEA 1177

PTSC Update: Annual Required Notification HEA 1177 As part of HEA 1177, each year schools will provide notification of materials developed by the Indiana Department of Education and the Indiana State Police on safe possession and storage of firearms. PTSC Standouts: Thank you to all who donated blood at our Blood Drive for the Education […]

PTSC Update: Spring Assessment Windows

PTSC Update: Spring Assessment Windows Spring Assessment windows are just around the corner! Please see below to locate the assessments your child will take. It is important for students to be at school during these dates. Breakfast is essential to start the day off right! As a reminder, second grade students will take iREAD3 in […]

PTSC Update: Indiana Academic Standards

PTSC Update: Indiana Academic Standards The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE), in response to legislation, reduced and prioritized the Indiana Academic Standards for kindergarten through grade 12. The IDOE used research to determine what they believe is essential for employment, enrollment, and enlistment and used that data to reduce and prioritize Indiana Standards. This resulted […]

PTSC Update: Weather and eLearning Procedures

PTSC Update: Weather and eLearning Procedures Each year we provide updates on our weather and elearning procedures at PTSC to help our families new to the Wolf Pack know what to expect. As we plan ahead for the rest of the year, I hope these things will be helpful to you! Let’s start with weather. […]


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Thanks so much for checking out the Boone Grove High School home page!

I have worked in the Porter Township Schools my entire career as a coach, teacher, and administrator.  I truly believe in the quality of our schools and have a great deal invested in both our local education system and our community.  My family lives in the district, works in the district, and attends school in the district.  

Our goal at the high school is to provide a foundational skill set in academic, social, and digital literacy that prepares students for a diverse career path as well as life in general.  We believe in addressing the needs of the student as a whole and creating a positive environment that fosters such an approach.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have.  I can be reached at 219-306-8600 or clay.corman@ptsc.k12.in.us

Thanks again for your interest in our school and community! -Clay Corman

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